Community Support

There is an email list for questions regarding PITLAKQ. The creator of PITLAKQ, Mike Müller, is active on this list, answering questions. Please use this mailing list for all your community support questions. Be aware that all postings will be visible to other subscribers. Also, you need post all relevant information such as input files and error reports. This is to steadily build a knowledge base of common problems and their solutions. This will help other users in the future.

If you need more support or cannot post your input files, please consider commercial support through our partner hydrocomputing.

Commercial Support

Our partner hydrocomputing offers commercial support for PITLAKQ. This support can be extended to consulting not only helping with the software but also solving more general modeling problems with PITLAKQ. Of course, in contrast to the community support, all information will be exchanged in private conversations with the support team of hydrocomputing. The PITLAKQ creator, Mike Müller, is an active member of this support team.

Get New Features

Please contact us if you would like to see your special feature in PITLAKQ. In general, all newly added features will be open sourced and therefore available for the whole PITLAKQ user community.